Striving to help, liberate and educate communities towards an abuse free future.

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About us

Here at Jeena, we are on a mission to challenge misinterpreted teachings of culture, traditions & religious ideologies. Collectively, we work to uncover hidden taboos, whilst raising questions against activities which are perhaps considered normalised practices. Our core aim is and will always be to support and prevent the exploitation of the vulnerable.

As one of the most prominent national non-profit organisations in the UK, we aim to empower women, young people and communities - predominantly those belonging to Black, Asian Minority Ethnic and Refugee (BAMER) societies. We work one-to-one with victims, provide referral to support services and training to community bodies, a well as offering mentoring programs. Our seminars, workshops, lectures and counselling, actively campaign towards an abuse free future for all. We also provide consultancy and a range of specialist training services that have been designed to help organisations meet their statutory obligations (both local and national guidelines) on safeguarding and human/civil rights.

Ultimately, we want to equip women, the youth and communities with the support and tools to build the empowered life they want.